Aptamil Sweetcorn and Rice Cereal

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Aptamil Cereal Sweetcorn and Rice is an infant milk cereal with follow on milk containing PronutraVi, a unique blend of prebiotics, iron and vitamins A, C, D and other essential nutrients your baby needs for healthy growth and optimal development. Rice and corn provide your baby with vitamins and minerals to support growth and development. Aptamil cereal Sweetcorn and Rice can be ideal for dinner; it will give your baby a peaceful sleep with a full stomach.</p>
<b>Product Features:</b></p>
Suitable from 6 months onward</li>
With PronutraVi</li>
Sweetcorn and rice flavor</li>
With Probiotics, Iron &amp; Vitamins A, C, D</li>
With follow on milk</li>
Nutritious rice &amp; corn cereal</li>
With 13 vitamins &amp; 7 minerals</li>
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